2004 Furnace Creek 508 Webcast

Welcome to the 2004 Furnace Creek 508 Webcast, hosted and produced by AdventureCORPS. We post updates here as often as possible, inclulding time splits through the seven race Time Stations along the route, plus finish line arrival times, images, and anecdotes. We hope this gives you a little bit of the feeling of participating in this awesome race and challenging this one-of-a-kind race course.

Special thanks to the 508 Race and Webcast Staff who Make this Happen!

Webcast produced by:
Chris Kostman

Time Station Data managed by:
Anna Boldon

Webcast Images provided by:
Dave and Margaret Nelson
Chris Kostman and Laurie

Webcast Reporter:
Steven Barnes

Video produced by:
Dan Dominy


Race Staff includes:
Roving: Anne Snail Darter Schneider and Patsy Inouye
Roving: Mike Whale Wilson and Rick Amoeba Anderson
Roving: Bill Bald Eagle Ellis
Roving: Joe Garza
Roving: Steve Teal
Roving: Steven Barnes
Roving: Mike Angelfish Angelos

Time splits provided by:
TS1 California City: Cindi Staiger
TS2 Trona: Dawn and Mike Derlighter
TS4 Shoshone: Dennis Brown
TS5 Baker: Tom Parkes
TS6 Kelso: Glen Tebo
TS7 Almost Amboy: Dan Horse Dibb and Greg Polecat Page

Basic Info

Pre-race Press Release

Race Roster with totem, age, home town, state, and country

Race Route, including route sheet, elevation profiles, 3D imagery, detailed course descriptions, and Time Station locations

Race Magazine (2meg Pdf download)

Time Station Splits and Results

Solo Splits | Solo Splits as Excel File | Team Splits | Team Splits as Excel File | Results without Time Splits | Official Race Report

Race Stories and Insights

Fixed Gear Cyclists Challenge World's Toughest Weekend Bicycle Race

Anna Boldon: Webcast Data Cruncher in Wisconsin

The Mighty Ostrich

The Fixed 508: Barley Boar Forsman

Larry Tarpon Kluck's Secret Weapon

More Fixie Fever: Sam Seal Beal

Spider Monkey Chow

Shrike is 'Bent

The Other Italian Stallion

Merlin at Nightfall

The Wolverine: A Nocturnal Creature

Ian Thrush Tuttle: Powered by Campbell's

What Is A Quokka?

Have You Ever Seen Sasquatch Up Close?

A Fixed Seal

Apopyllus Now: A Two Man Effort

Leatherback Turtles: A 70+ Two Man Effort

Mongolian Wild Ass Sighting

Landshark and Wren pass through Baker

Lemur Presses On

Wolverine: All Smiles

Time Station 7: A Mirage in the Desert

Slideshows in Chronological Order

Pre-Race Meeting and Hall of Fame Induction

Solo Start Line and on the Road

Relay Start Line

Relay Racers on the Road, start to Mile 25

Relay Racers on the Road, Mile 25-Mile 50

Team Sasquatch Feature (4x division leaders)

TS#1, California City: Relay Teams pass the Baton

Relay Teams from Cali City to Trona, TS#2 (mile 152)

Relay Teams pass the Baton at Trona, TS#2, plus some solos

Solos and Relays from Trona to Mile 200, Base of Townes Pass

The Sun Sets and the Solo and Relay Racers Climb Townes Pass

Solo Racers from Stove Pipe Wells to TS#3, Furnace Creek, Mile 252

Mostly Solo Racers, and the top Teams, from Furnace Creek to Badwater

Solo Racers and Lead Team Racers climbing Jubilee Pass and Salsberry Pass, en route to Shoshone

Staff and Selected Racers from TS#4 Shoshone to TS#5 Shoshone to TS#6 Kelso

The Soon-to-Be Men's Solo Champion, Marko Tweety Bird Baloh, en route to TS#7, Almost Amboy

Special Feature: Solo Men's Champion Marko Tweety Bird Baloh Gallery by David Nelson

Finish Line: Marko Tweety Bird Baloh, 4x Mixed Team Velociraptor, 2x Mens Team Yak, and David Mudcat Holt

Finish Line: 1st 4x Mens Team Sasquatch: Steve Ilg, Ron Jones, Roy Wallack, and Keith Kostman

Finish Line: Women's Solo Champion Osprey, Team 4x Falcons, Landshark, Rocky Mountain Wolf, Chicken, and Team 2x Basenji

Finish Line: Wren, Team 2x Pupfish, Puffin, Team 2x Grizz, Team 4x Javelina, Team 4x Agouti, Python, Fixed Gear Boar, and Team 2x Pronghorn

Finish Line: Team 2x Rollie Pollie, Lemur, Team 2x Golden Sun Dragon, Team 4x Dogfish, Border Collie, Fixed Gear Seal, and Wolverine

Finish Line: Penguin, Thrush, Saluki, Oyster, Team 4x Western Wood Pewee, Team 2x Mongolian Wild Asses, and Quokka

Finish Line: 4x Serval, 2x Chinook, Daddy Long Legs, 2x Leatherback Turtles, and Bilby

Finish Line: Spider Monkey, Donkey, Merlin, Team 2x Desert Tortoise, and Brindle Boxer

Finish Line: Night Owl, Fixed Gear Parrot, Scarlett Fairy Cup (Death Valley Cup Winner), Team 2x Mahi Mahi, Yodeling Plankton, Tarpon, and Fennec Fox

Support Vehicle Set-Up: Signage, Amber Lights, Racks, Speakers, and Such

Race Official Joe Garza's images from throughout the Race

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