2006 Furnace Creek 508 Webcast

Welcome to the 2006 Furnace Creek 508 Webcast, produced by AdventureCORPS. We hope this gives you a little bit of the feeling of participating in this awesome race and challenging this one-of-a-kind race course. Congratulations, racers, crews, and staff!

Michael Alpine Ibex Emde is the men's solo champion with a time of 28:23:31.
Second place men's solo finsher is Mike Snow Leopard Trevino with a time of 29:41:11.
The first team to finish was the 2x Hammerheads with a time of 26:16:25.
All racers are off the course before 7am! Thanks for a wonderful race, everyone!

DSC_0079 Pre-Race Activity
by Wayne Kostman and Chris Kostman
DSC00604 Racer Mugshots
by Jeff Bell
Pre-Race Meeting
by Wayne Kostman
DSC00682 Solo Race Pre-Race Activity
by Jeff Bell
DSC_0042 Solo Race Start Line
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0102 Solo Racers on the Road
by Chris Kostman
PA070002 Solo Racers on San Francisquito Canyon
by Eric Ostendorff
DSC00750 Teams: Pre-Race and Start Line
by Jeff Bell
DSC_0043 Teams on the Road to Mile 24
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0108 Teams on the Road from Mile 24 to Mile 70
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0194 Solos into Mojave: Malteese, Babbler Bird, Flying Fish
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0007 Time Station One, California City
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0086 California City (mile 82) to Randsburg (mile 115)
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0225 Randsburg (mile 115) to Trona, TS#2 (mile 152)
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0013 Trona, TS#2 (mile 152) to base of Townes Pass (mile 200)
by Chris Kostman
PA070048 Base of Townes Pass (mile 200)
by Eric Ostendorff
DSC_0079 Mile 200 to Mile 252 (Furnace Creek, TS#2)
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0010 Mile 252 (Furnace Creek, TS#3) to Mile 325 (Shoshone, TS#4)
by Chris Kostman
PA080014 The View from Shoshone, TS#4, Mile 325
by Eric Ostendorff
DSC_0126 Mile 325 (Shoshone, TS#4) to Mile 381 (Baker, TS#5)
by Chris Kostman
PA080042 From Shoshone, Mile 325 towards the Finish
by Eric Ostendorff
IMG_3255 The View from Kelso, TS#6, Mile 416, Part One
by Glen Tebo
IMG_3316 The View from Kelso, TS#6, Mile 416, Part Two
by Glen Tebo
DSC_0042 Mile 416 (Kelso, TS#6) Past Mile 455 (Amboy Luau Time Station #7): Race Leaders Alpine Ibex and 2x Hammerhead
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0015 2x Hammerhead, Alpine Ibex, Snow Leopard, 4x Mongrel Dogs, 2x Platypus, 2x Gallus Gallus, Crow
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0028 Mudcat, 2x Bumble Skipper, 4x Mojave Green, 2x Red Kangaroo, 4x Fruit Bats
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0062 Werewolf, Wren, Muskrat, 4x Alligator, Titanium Triceratops, Cookie Monster
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0091 Dung Mite, Python, Rocky Mountain Wolf, 4x Gray Fox
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0106 Flamingo, 2x Wild Rooster, 2x African Swamp Rat, 4x Bonobo, Swift
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0151 4x Manticore, 2x Silver Foxes, Blue Dog, 2x Kitten, 2x Leatherback Turtles
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0169 4x Swallow, 4x Zorilla, 4x Desperate House Flies, Flicker, 2x Numbat, 2x Horned Toads
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0225 2x Pronghorn, Devil Grasshopper, 2x Tiger Shark, Seal
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0109 Bradan, 4x Great Gray Owls, 4x Chukar, Bear, 2x Skink, Donkey, Bongo
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0147 4x Western Wood Pewee, Silly Goose, Collared Lizard, 2x Tortuga, Griffin, 2x Addax, Lone Wolf
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0113 Dik-Dik, 4x Chinook, Sloth, Tarpon & 2x Prairie Falcon
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0181 Scarlett Fairy Cup, Spider, Golden Drassenji, Monarch Butterfly, Water Bear, Hoary Marmot, Desert Duck & Viper
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0018 Rottweiler, 2x Protoceratops, Red-Eye Viero, Picachu, Nautilus, 2x Gummer Bears, Scorpion, Fast Rabbit & Mahi Mahi
by Chris Kostman
DSC_0052 Final Finishers: Hoodoo, Mammoth, Tapir, Blandy Dragons Tandem, Archaeopteryx, Giant Water Bug & Red Wolf
by Chris Kostman
Kevin Wolverine Walsh - Hall of Fame Inductee - Interview
Pre-Race Comments: aligators, alpine ibex, arab horse, archaeopteryx, baboon
Pre-Race Comments: bear, blabberbird, blackfooted ferret, blandydragon, blue dog
Pre-Race Comments: bongo, bonobo, british red squirrel, bumbleskipper, chinook
Pre-Race Comments: chucker, crow, desert duck, desert rat, devil grasshopper
Pre-Race Comments: dik dik, donkey, dungmite, fastrabbit, fast truck gecko
Pre-Race Comments: flamingo, flicker, flying_pig, fruitbat, gallus gallus
Pre-Race Comments: great grey owls, great dane, grey fox, griffin, gummer bears
Pre-Race Comments: hammerhead, hare, hoary marmot, hoodoo, horntoad
Pre-Race Comments: kitten, leafhopper, leatherback turtles, mahi mahi, maltese
Pre-Race Comments: manticore, medicine horse, monarch butterfly, mudcat, muskrat
Pre-Race Comments: nautilus, nudibranch, numbat, pikachu, platypus
Pre-Race Comments: pound puppy, prairie dog, prairie falcon, protoceratops, python
Pre-Race Comments: ram, red eye vireo, red wolf, red kangaroo, red tailed hawk
Pre-Race Comments: rocky mountain wolf, rottweiler, scorpion, seal, silver foxes
Pre-Race Comments: skink, sloth, spider, swamp rat, swift
Pre-Race Comments: tapir, tasmanian wolf, team pronghorn, tiger shark, titanium triceratops
Pre-Race Comments: tortuga, viper, water bear, werewolf, western wood peawee
Pre-Race Comments: wild rooster, wookiee, wren, zorilla
Interviews from mile 200: alpine ibex, werewolf, crow and eric ostrich ostendorff
General description of the terrain and weather at mile 200
Update while approaching Shoshone at the back of the pack


Webcast and Race Director: Chris Kostman

Remote Webcast Support: Anna Boldon

Images: Chris Kostman; Dave and Margaret Nelson

Video: Dan Dominy with Lana Corless

Audio: Morgan Goat Beeby and Chris Cheung


Pre-Race: Laurie Streff

Pre-Race: Wayne and Shelby Kostman

Start Line: Charlie Chimpanzee Marko

Roving: Jeff Brown Bear Bell and Doug Dog Sloan

Roving: Rick Amoeba Anderson

Roving: Eric Ostrich Ostendorff

Roving: Cindi PitSnake Staiger

Roving: Jeff Jaguar Martin and Jo Carmichael

Roving: Morgan Goat Beeby and Chris Cheung

Roving: Ian Parker and Anne Tournay



TS1 California City: Terry Hutt

TS2 Trona: Dawn and Mike Derlighter

TS3 Furnace Creek: Jack Blackbird Bochsler

TS4 Shoshone: Eric Ostrich Ostendorff

TS5 Baker: Ton Parkes

TS6 Kelso: Glen Tebo

TS7 Almost Amboy: Dan Horse Dibb and Greg Polecat Page

Finish Line: Cindi PitSnake Staiger,

Jeff Brown Bear Bell,

Doug Dog Sloan,

Dave White Tail Deer Heckman,

Corry Feldman,

Jeff Jaguar Martin, and Jo Carmichael

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