2000 Furnace Creek 508 Webcast

Welcome to the 2000 Furnace Creek 508 Webcast, hosted exclusively here at www.the508.com, directed by Keith Kostman and Mike Angelos, and produced by adventureCORPS. Click below for all the info about the 2000 race as it progresses. We will post updates here regularly, featuring time splits through the seven race Time Stations along the route, as well as the finish line arrival times, plus stories, images, and even some video. We hope this gives you a little bit of the feeling of participating in this awesome race and challenging this one-of-a-kind race course. To keep abreast of future developments with the race, click Mailing List above to receive our email newsletters.

Basic Info

Race Roster with totem, age, home town, state, and country

Race Route, including an elevation map, course descriptions, and Time Station locations

Reports from the Course

Multiple Field Reports from the Course

Final Race Report

Time Splits for all Racers through all Time Stations with Overall Results and Average Speeds

2000 360 degree panoramic "movie" of Team Armadillo's Michael Olstad passing through Amboy

Slideshows in Chronological Order

Fabio Bunny Biasiolo, ready to race, the morning after the full moon of
Friday the 13th of October. Perhaps his totem should have been werewolf?
Photo by Dan Dominy.

Prior to the Solo Start, then the Solo Race Begins!

The First Miles of the Solo Race

More First Miles of the Solo Race

Solo Race to Mile 30

Solo Race Mile 30 to Mile 70

Team Race Start Line, 1300

The First Miles of the Team Race

More First Miles of the Team Race

Team Race Mile 20 to 54

Team Race Mile 54 to 115, plus Chuck Honey Bee Hanson

Solo Race from Trona to Townes Pass, mostly rear half of the solo field

Mostly Solo Race from Furnace Creek to Salsberry Pass, moving towards front of the field

Shoshone to Baker, Solo and Team

Baker to Mile 420: Front Solo Racers except for Bohannon

Time Station 6, Bohannon, Two Front Teams, and Time Station 7's Luau Party

Team Armadillo's Michael Olstad

Team Armadillo, Wonder Valley to the Finish, and Arrival of First Two Teams

Bohannon into Time Station 7's Luau Party

Solo Champ Bohannon into the Finish Line

Finish Line Arrivals: 1530 to 1810, Sunday

Finish Line Arrivals: 1810 to 2200, Sunday

Finish Line Arrivals: 2240, Sunday, to 0310, Monday

Finish Line Arrivals: 0406 to 0449, Monday

Videos—just click a link:

Strange questions: Fabio Biasiolo

Pushing the Envelope: Jewette Pattee Age 77

Team Armadillo

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