2002 AdventureCORPS Furnace Creek 508 Webcast

Welcome to the 2002 Furnace Creek 508 Webcast, hosted exclusively here at www.the508.com and produced by adventureCORPS. We post updates here as often as possible, inclulding time splits through the seven race Time Stations along the route, plus finish line arrival times, images, and anecdotes. We hope this gives you a little bit of the feeling of participating in this awesome race and challenging this one-of-a-kind race course.

Time splits were provided by:
TS1 California City: Terry Hutt
TS2 Trona: Dawn Derlighter
TS3 Furnace Creek: Dave Reese
TS4 Shoshone: Dennis Brown
TS5 Baker: Rex Reese
TS6 Side of the Road: Glen Tebo
TS7 Sheep Hole: Ann and Bill Puma Peschka

Additional Race Staff included:
Dave and Margaret Nelson, race photographers
Dan Dominy, race videographer
Rick Amoeba Anderson and Jonathan Abalone Arnow, roving race officials
Robb Warren and Scott Morgan, roving race officials
Jann Coury and Leonard Bertain, roving race officials
Jane and Mike Whale Wilson, roving race officials
Tom Parkes, roving race official
Pete Dowhan, TS3 and roving race official

Basic Info

Pre-race Press Release

Slideshows in Chronological Order

Pre-Race Meeting, Friday evening, October 11, including dedication of the race to Perry Swan Smith and Jonathan Abalone Arnow

7am Solo Pre-Race, Start, and First 20 Miles

Day One Solo Gallery by Professional Photographer Dave Nelson

Another Day One Solo Gallery by Professional Photographer Dave Nelson

10am Two Rider Teams Pre-Race, Start, and First 20 Miles

1pm Four Rider Teams Pre-Race, Start, and First 20 Miles

Cali City to Trona, 2 person, then solo, from back towards front

Trona to Townes Pass to Death Valley, solo field middle towards front

Panamint Valley, first evening by Professional Photographer Dave Nelson

Furnace Creek to Shoshone, front half of solo field and teams

Shoshone to Granite Mountains, Lead Solo and Teams

Granite Mountains to Sheephole Summit: Fire Ants, Blue Fox, and Ostrich

Sunday, Granite Mtns to Sheephole to the finish by Professional Photographer Dave Nelson

Finishers: Fire Ants, Ostrich, Eels, Blue Fox, Falcons, and Onagers

Finishers: Poodles, Polar Bears, Panther, Rainbow Trout, Quacks, Octopus, Gorilla, and Salukis

Finishers: Flamingo, Hoopoe, Seal, and Rubber Duck

Finishers: Tree Frog, Bluebirds, Bald Eagle, Chinooks, Beluga, Wolverine, and Python

Finishers: Woolly Mammoths, Piranha, Snail Darters, Cobra, Avocet, and Langur

Finishers: Yodeling Planktons, Jackass, Sun Bear, Dugong, and Beaver

Finishers: Bush Baby, California Condor, Piglet, Sitting Duck, Tom Cat, Worm, Beetle, Stone Cat, and Mother Goose

The Final Three Finishers: Night Eagle, Polecat, and Coyote

Post-Race Breakfast at the Carousel Cafe: Happy Bday, Steve Beaver Born!

Race Dedication

The 2002 Furnace Creek 508 is dedicated to Perry Swan Smith and Jonathan Abalone Arnow. Click here to read all about it.

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Nancy Dankenbring Award

Click here to read about this special award for the fastest rookie female solo racer

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