2005 Furnace Creek 508 Webcast

Welcome to the 2005 Furnace Creek 508 Webcast, hosted and produced by AdventureCORPS. We hope this gives you a little bit of the feeling of participating in this awesome race and challenging this one-of-a-kind race course. Congratulations to all racers, crews, and staff!

Special thanks to the 508 Race and Webcast Staff who Make this Happen!

Webcast: Chris Kostman

Remote Webcast Support: Anna Boldon & Anurang Ringtail Revri

Images: Dave and Margaret Nelson, Chris Kostman, Jeff Bell

Video: Dan Dominy with Lana Corless

Race Staff includes:
Start Line: Charlie Chimpanzee Marko & Ron Jones
Roving: Chris Kostman and Laurie Streff
Roving: Mike Whale Wilson and Rick Amoeba Anderson
Roving: Eric Ostrich Ostendorff
Roving: Paul Sparrow Hawk Biron and Debi Kehr
Roving: Cindi Staiger
Roving: Jeff Brown Bear Bell


Time Station Staff:
TS1 California City: Terry Hutt
TS2 Trona: Tom Rabbit Rieber & Alison Fesler
TS3 Furnace Creek: Jack Blackbird and Hannah Bochsler
TS4 Shoshone: Dennis Brown
TS5 Baker: Tom Parkes
TS6 Kelso: Glen Tebo
TS7 Almost Amboy: Dan Horse Dibb
Finish Line: James Shrike Kern, Cindi Staiger,
Jeff Brown Bear Bell, and many more!

Basic Info

Pre-race Press Release

Race Roster with totem, age, home town, state, and country

Race Route, including route sheet, elevation profiles, 3D imagery, detailed course descriptions, and more

2005 Furnace Creek 508 Race Magazine (Large 44 page Pdf file: 4 megs)

Official Race Report by Chris Kostman

Ultra Cycling Magazine Race Report

Time Station Splits and Results

Solo Results with Full Time Splits

Team Results with Full Time Splits

Slideshows in Chronological Order

Pre-Race Mugshots

Pre-Race Meeting

Solo Start Line

Solos on the Road, Part One

Solos on the Road, Part Two

Relay Team Start Line

Relay Teams on the Road, Part One: Bouquet & Spunky Canyons

Relay Teams on the Road, Part Two (and a few solos)

Solos from Cali City (TS1) to Randsburg

Solos from Randsburg to Trona (TS2)

Solos from Trona (TS2) to Mile 200 (bottom of Townes)

Saturday Evening: Approaching Townes Pass, then Mile 200 from 318 to 557pm

Solos Ascending Townes Pass

Saturday Evening: Mile 200 from 601 to 1041pm

Descending Townes Pass and Crossing Death Valley (in daylight!!!): Featuring Race Leaders Kenny Fast Truck Gecko Souza, Michael Alpine Ibex Emde, & Tinker Mexican Wolf Juarez

Furnace Creek (TS3) past Badwater (solos and lead teams)

Out of Death Valley to Shoshone (TS4) to Baker (TS5) (solos and lead teams)

Solo 2nd/3rd Place (Alpine Ibex/Mexican Wolf) from Baker (TS5) towards Kelso (TS6)

Solo Race Leader Kenny Souza ("Fast Truck Gecko") from Kelso (TS6) to Amboy (TS7)

Sunday Morning, Back of the Pack: Furnace Creek - Shoshone - Baker

Sunday Mid-Day: Baker - Kelso - Amboy - 29 Palms

Finish Line Slideshows

Finishers: Top Four Male Solo and 1st 4x Team
Featuring: Fast Truck Gecko, 4x Hammerhead, Mexican Wolf, Alpine Ibex, & Blowfish

Finishers: Akita, 4x Yak, Landshark, Bad Dogg, and Mudcat

Finishers: Ram, Wren, Tandem Relucent Phoenix, 4x Alligator, Hippogriff, Red Rooster, 4x Bush Vipers, Loon, Koala, Muddy Mudskipper, & 4x Gray Fox

Finishers: Marmot, 4x Mongrel Dogs, Crane, Chickadee, Gargoyle, 2x Red Kangaroo, 2x Lizard-Scorpion, Devil Grasshopper, & Impala

Finishers: Desert Fox, Chartreux, Merlin, 2x E.Coli, 2x Chupacabra, 2x Orange Cat, Cutthroat Trout, Minotaur, Magpie, 4x Foals, Leafhopper,4x Zorilla, Saluki, & Wolverine

Finishers: Yellowjacket, 4x Western Wood Pewee, Desert Duck (DV Cup), Tarpon, HumuHumuNukuNukuApua'a, Manta Ray (DV Cup), Lone Wolf, 2x Chinook, 2x Nightcrawlers, Werewolf (HPV), 4x Baboons, 4x Fireflies, 2x Addax, Makaira, Griffin, 2x Batula, & Golden Eagle (DV Cup)

Finishers: Gerbil, 2x Coonhound, Old Yeller, Iguana, Polar Bear, Praying Mantis, Sponge, Main Lobster, Red-Legged Frog, Goat, Monarch Butterfly, & Prairie Dog

Finishers: Golden Dragon, Springbuck, 2x Mahi Mahi, Archaeopteryx (female fixed gear), Sabertooth Salmon (male fixed gear), Smiledon, and White Tail Deer

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