1999 Furnace Creek 508

Team Road Relay and Solo Ultramarathon Bicycle Race
25th edition

Valencia to Death Valley to Twenty Nine Palms, CA
Final Results
October 9-11, 1999

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Rider Name, Age, Hometown and State, Elapsed Time:

Women's Solo:
1) Cassandra Llama Lowe, 35, Sydney, Australia, 35:02:02
2) Sandy Echidna Kenny, 36, Albany, OR, 41:06:34 (RAAM Qualifier)
3) Angelika Cat Castaneda, 56, San Diego, CA, 43:46:40 First Non RAAM-Qualified Finisher (RAAM Qualifier). First woman to complete the Death Valley Cup, awarded to the fastest athlete to complete both Furnace Creek 508 and Badwater Ultramarathon in the same calendar year.

Men’s Solo:

1) Justin Panda Peschka, 24, Chandler, AZ, 30:06:25 (1997 solo champ also)
2) Steve Beaver Born, 40, Ketchum, ID, 30:57:41
3) Reed Flamingo Finfrock, 53, Springville, CA, 32:45:07, 1st place in 50+ division, Five Time Solo Finisher
4) Darrell Barnacle Bowles, 40, Mesa, AZ, 34:57:29
5) Dean Crocodile Crothers, 32, Reno, NV, 35:20:33 (tie) First Non RAAM-Qualified Finisher (RAAM Qualifier)
5) Jonathan Abalone Arnow, 43, Reno, NV, 35:20:33 (tie)
7) Wayne GosHawk Greenway, 40, Moraga, CA, 35:35:28 (RAAM Qualifier)
8) Sam Seal Beal, 47, Mountain View, CA, 35:42:15 (RAAM Qualifier)
9) Steve Scorpion Winfrey, 45, Camarillo, CA, 36:14:25 (RAAM Qualifier)
10) Byron Raven Rieper, 50, Overland Park, KS, 38:25:08, 2nd place in 50+ division
11) Roger Manimal Hansen, 49, Smithfield, UT, 41:20:25 (RAAM Qualifier)
12) Jim Pterodactyl Pitre, 60, Mesa, AZ, 41:41:38 (RAAM Qualifier) (1st place in 60+ division. 60+ Course Record!)
13) Jack Vulture Vincent, 33, Lakewood, CO, 41:51:37 (RAAM Qualifier)
14) Franz Cockroach Hansjoerg, 25, Austria, 42:31:27 (RAAM Qualifier) (His first bicycle race ever)
15) Giovanni Crow Zilioli, 42, Fiorenzuola D' Arda, Italy, 43:13:08 (RAAM Qualifier)
16) Dan Horse Dibb, 42, Long Beach, CA, 45:09:10

Honorable Mention Men's Solo (beyond 48 hour cutoff):
Aldo Rock Calandro, 43, Milano, Italy, 48:02:15

Men's Tandem:
1) Dachsund: Karl Traunmueller, 43, and Franz Engleder, 33, Austria, 38:48:30 (RAAM Qualifiers)

Relay Teams:
1) Team Rat Pack, 23:26:27
Scott Mule Martinmaas, 36, Mission Viejo, CA
Robert J. Mack, 33, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Cameron Brenneman, 22, Mission Viejo, CA
Donald Miller, 39, Foothill Ranch, CA

2) Team Action Sports / Snider's Cyclery Bison, 23:26:30
Kerry Ryan, 40, Bakersfield, CA)
Ron Jones, 39, Bakersfield, CA
Norm Hoffman, 58, Bakersfield, CA
Mike Wracher, 37, Santa Barbara, CA

3) Team Westchester Screamin' Eagles, 24:51:24
James A. Poteete, 39, Bakersfield, CA
Curt F. Kunzmann, 40, Bakersfield, CA
Herb Benham, 45, Bakersfield, CA
Courtland Keith, 31, Campbell, CA

4) Team Tibia, 28:29:21
Thomas J. Miller, 48, Oceanside, CA
Mark Newsome, 38, Corvallis, OR
Mark Panther Patten, 39, San Jose, CA
Chuck Bramwell, 48, Irvine, CA

5) Team Chinook Cycling, 29:44:35
David Fischer, 49, Kennewick, WA
David Fischer Jr., 21, Pasco, WA
Brad Atencio, 34, Richland, WA
Eli Kaczynski, 54, Kennewick, WA

Men's 50+ Team:
1) Team Scoters, 27:13:35
Dan Shadoan, 52, Davis, CA
Craig Robertson, 42, Los Altos, CA
Pierre Neu, 55, Winters, CA
Wayne Woodside, 53, Sacramento, CA

Mixed Tandem Team
1) Team Kern Wheelmen T-Rex, 23:54:17 (Mixed Tandem Team Course Record!)
Mike Moseley, 45, Bakersfield, CA
Scott Garrison, 45, Bakersfield, CA
Roehl Caragao, 36, Bakersfield, CA
Bob Smith, 47, Bakersfield, CA
Kris Woolsey, 33, Bakersfield, CA
Deby Kellogg, 39, Bakersfield, CA
Vickie Rigby, 48, Bakersfield, CA
Pam Traynor, 34, Bakersfield, CA

Mixed Team:
1) Team Lemmings, 28:15:25
Debbie Caplan, 34, Culver City, CA
Muffy Ritz, 42, Sun Valley, ID
Mark Jackson, 36, Los Angeles, CA
Rich Porticos, 37, Los Altos, CA

Mixed 50+ Team:
1) Team Whippett, 33:17:15 (Mixed 50+ Team Course Record)
Jewett Pattee, 76, Long Beach, CA
Jerry Wildermuth, 52, Whittier, CA)
Katherine Kearney, 37, Long Beach, CA
Carmelita Sellers, 65, Redondo Beach, CA

DNF / 25 Racers That Did Not Finish:

Rider, Age, Hometown and State / Last Time Station Visited / Why They Dropped
In alphabetical order, according to last name and by category:

Solo Women:
Jeanie Bandicoot Barnett, 42, Martinez, CA TS3 / "low altitude sickness"
Colleen Chameleon Quinn, 24, Los Angeles, CA / TS2 / stomach
Christi Harris Hawk Hall, 36, Middleton, ID / TS4 / stomach

Solo Men:
Andreis Bushbuck Botha, 47, Grimshaw, Alberta, Canada / TS2 / ?
Barclay Beetle Brown, 41, Alpharetta, GA (recumbent bike rider) / TS5 / overheated / tired out
Gregory W. Guppy Giltner, 28, Bakersfield, CA / TS1 / "not ready to meet God"
Kevin Griffin Griffin, 45, San Carlos, CA / TS2 / heat
Mike Hummingbird Hollenbaugh, 38, San Jose, CA / TS2 / stomach
Gary Kudu Kliewer, 45, Ft. Morgan, CO / TS4 / depleted in many ways
Harvey Kaka Kulka, 40, Britton, MI / TS2 / exhaustion
Alexander Locust Lehman, 25, New York, NY / TS2 / exhaustion/fatigue
Charlie Mandrill Miller, 38, San Francisco, CA / TS4 / stomach
Tim Manatee Morrison, 28, Phoenix, AZ / TS3 / ?
Stuart Nanosaurus Nibbelin, 47, Frisco, TX / TS3 / stomach
Tom Gila Monster Nieman, 43, Tucson, AZ / TS2 / "just done"
Robert Piglet Pogorelz, 44, Ft. Morgan, CO / TS4 / body shut down
Tom Rabbit Rieber, 26, Reseda, CA / TS3 / fatigue
Charles Springbuck Schroyer, 47, Morgan Hill, CA / TS2 / stomach
Perry Swan Smith, 49, Costa Mesa, CA / TS3 / heat exhaustion
James Cutthroat Trout Trout, 29, Seattle, WA / TS2 / car battery
Larry Vicuna Von Kuster, 50, Bellevue, OH / TS4 / stomach
Kevin Wolverine Walsh, 42, Lancaster, CA / TS5 / stomach
David Lab Rat Warady, 43, Santa Ana, CA / TS2 / "bit off more than I could chew"
Ron Worm Way, 64, Downey, CA / TS4 / stomach

Mixed Tandem:
Tandem Pegasus: Joe Petersen, 41, and Tina Chapa, 40, Bakersfield, CA / TS3 / stomach

Notes: It was 98 degrees in Trona on Saturday and 107 Sunday in Amboy, making for very depleting and challenging conditions overall. Light winds in general.

Special thanks to the 1999 Furnace Creek 508 Race Staff:
Scott Sawfish Scheff
James Jakubowski
Dave and Steve Reese
Glen Tebo
Pat Eaglet Enright
Seana Hoopoe Hogan and Alex
Kevin Farley
Meshel Middagh
Ron Cooke
Doug Forsman
Craig Zarkos
Len Bertain
Ed Levinson
Dana Prieto Tanaka

Special thanks to the 1999 Furnace Creek 508 Race Sponsors:
Atlas Snowshoe Co.
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