1999 Furnace Creek 508

Baker, CA, Time Station #5
Mile 381 Mid-Race Update

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Solo Men:

1) Justin Panda Peschka, 452am
2) Steve Beaver Born, 525am
3) Reed Flamingo Finfrock, 605am
4) Jonathan Abalone Arnow, 810am
5) Darryl Barnacle Bowles, 835am?
6) Steve Scorpion Winfrey, 842am
7) Wayne GosHawk Greenway, 844am
8) Sam Seal Beal, 909am
9) Dean Crocodile Crothers, 911am
10) Byron Raven Rieper, 945am
11) Roger Manimal Hansen, 1125am
12) Kevin Wolverine Walsh, 1154am
13) Franz Cockroach Hansjoerg, 1155am
14) Dan Horse Dibb, 1157am
15) Jack Vulture Vincent, 1238pm
16) Jim Pteradactyl Pitre, 1254pm
17) Giovani Crow Zilioli, 108pm
18) Aldo Rock Calandro, 445pm
19) Barclay Beetle Brown, 707pm

Solo Women:

1) Cassandra Llama Lowe, 830am
2) Sandy Echidna Kenny, 1134am
3) Angelika Cat Castaneda, 116pm

Mens Tandem:

Dachsund: Karl Traunmueller and Franz Engleder, 958am

Relay Teams:

1) Action Sports / Snider's Cyclery Bison, 516am
2) Team Rat Pack, 526am
3) Tandem Team T-Rex, 536am
4) Westchester Screamin' Eagles, 615am
5) Team Scoters, 801am
6) Team Lemmings, 853am
7) Team Tibia, 908am
8) Team Chinook Cycling, 957am
9) Team Whippet, 1221pm

DNF / Did Not Finish: See final results.

Notes: It was 98 degrees in Trona yesterday, making for very depleting and challenging conditions overall. Light winds in general.