Silver State 508 Support Crews

Above: Rebecca, crew for Team Black Angus Cow, executes a perfect water bottle handoff!

Above: Team Bear executes a perfect water bottle handoff!

Things Crew Should Know, By Steve Red Tail Hawk Scheetz
Are you looking to support a solo cyclist or relay team during the toughest 48 hours in sport, Furnace Creek 508? Great! Not only would you be helping somebody complete the race, but you would learn a lot in the in process and also acquire another important component for any future FC 508 application (if it's your goal to compete some day). You can post your availability to do so on our blog.
In an ongoing effort to minimize the environmental footprint of our events, as well as make them safer and less obtrusive on the highways, we initiated a "Green Team" program at Furnace Creek 508 in 2007.
Support Vehicle Width and Selection, including rental rar company info and dimensions
SIMPLE FLASHING AMBER LIGHTS By Dennis Barton (Member of 2x Team Brontosaurus in 2008): I used this setup as a support driver in 2002. For 2008, I will be using two such sets. Although the amber lights appear “small”, they are quite bright. I use fair size magnets to attach the lights to the roof of the van. Be sure to have adequate length of wiring from the power plug to the first light. Total cost, excluding wire and connectors = $15. Also needed: 1 roll of dual speaker wire and connectors; colored tape; and strongish magnets to attach to roof. Most items are available in generic auto supply stores. Download the Pdf form!
Support Vehicle Set-Up Slideshow from the 2004 race: Signage, Amber Lights, Racks, Speakers, and Such. (Read the captions!)
SET-UP OF VEHICLE LIGHTS AND INTERIOR: Bill Osborn of Team Onager fame has a really great website with a few diagrams and descriptions for creating amber lights, setting up sound systems, and general vehicle information.Everybody should check that out now! (But don't be intimidated if your support vehicle is not that fancy!)
2004 and 2008 comments about where to get amber lights and such for the support vehicle
The Scoop on How To Do It by Steve Beaver Born, 1994 solo champ and 1999 runner-up
The Insider's Guide to the 508 by Mike Whale Wilson, two time solo and one time team finisher
Hints on Supporting a Cyclist by John Hawk Marino, race founder
Equipment List by Beth Dingo Dawson, two time solo finisher


Crew person Paul Skilbeck makes a faultless handoff to rider Jan Christiansen of 2x Team Pickled Herring


Greg Merlin Lester and his daughter execute this stylish bottle exchange

Solor rider Jeff Jaguar Martin is the recipient of this picture perfect handoff.