Furnace Creek 508 Race Dedication

Furnace Creek 508 dates to 1983 in its original incarnation, and to 1989 on the Death Valley route which we all know and love. Because that long-term success is largely the result of the dedication of certain key supporters of the event, we sometimes dedicate the race to somebody who has made historic, critical contributions to the development, history, and success of this event.

1995: Furnace Creek 508 was dedicated to Michael Bulldog Secrest for winning the original 508, the John Marino Open, the first year it was held in 1983. Michael was presented with a hammer because his other nickname, besides Bulldog, has always been "The Hammer." An inscription on the hammer thanks Michael for "blazing the trail so well twenty races and twelve years ago."


1998: The second person to whom the race was dedicated was Lee Mitchell, the ever-present super crew chief who has supported more racers at the 508 than anyone else. Lee received an inscribed hammer which read "The 1998 Furnace Creek 508 is proudly dedicated to Lee Maggot Mitchell." In 2004 Lee was honored with his induction into the Ultracycling Hall of Fame.

2001: Furnace Creek 508 was dedicated to a former 508 racer, Norm Hoffman, and a former 508 staffer, Roger D'Errico, both of whom we tragically and sadly lost this year. Roger D’Errico was a fixture as the routing guru, race official, and HQ director at dozens of RAAMs, RAAM Qualifiers, 508s, UMCA Record Attempts, and the like, from 1984 onwards. 508 team racing veteran and Bakersfield cycling guru Norm Hoffman, age 60, was killed while riding his bicycle in his hometown of Bakersfield, CA. Full story.


2002: Furnace Creek 508 was dedicated to a 508 veteran racers Jonathan Abalone Arnow and Perry Swan Smith, both of whom nearly lost their lives this past year, but survived, in part, because of their superior physical conditioning. The 2002 race was dedicated to them "for their courage in life, on and off the bike." Abalone and Swan were both on hand at the pre-race meeting and were presented with special plaques commemorating the moment. Both received standing ovations and incredible support from their fellow cyclists as they quest to race the 508 again. Full story.


2003: In recognition of his eighteen years of service to the sport of ultramarathon cycling and to Furnace Creek 508 in particular, the 2003 Furnace Creek 508 was proudly dedicated to Dennis Brown. All 508 veterans will know him as the friendly face who always officiates the Shoshone Time Station, then serves as broom wagon after all the 508 racers pass through Shoshone. Full story.


2007: The 2007 Furnace Creek 508 was proudly dedicated to CINDI STAIGER in recognition of her 20 years of selfless devotion to The 508 and to the sport of ultracycling (and butt-kicking on the bike). Full story.


2008: The 2008 Furnace Creek 508 was proudly dedicated to John Marino for his pioneering vision as an athlete, for his unmatched leadership as a race director, for creating this event 25 years ago, for his friendship, wisdom, and support, and for being a guiding light and inspiration to cyclists across the USA and beyond. Full story.

2009: The 2009 Furnace Creek was proudly dedicted to Wayne and Shelby Kostman, the original AdventureCORPS adventurers, role models, event supporters, and - as evidenced by their 50 years of marriage - endurance specialists. The Kostmans have worked at nearly every AdventureCORPS cycling event for the past ten years and provide year-round guidance and wisdom to the race director, their son, Chris Kostman.