Training and Nutrition for Endurance & Ultra Cycling

508-Specific Insights from Race Veterans

From Rookie Florida Cyclist to Furnace Creek 508 Solo Finisher: A Path to Success by Chris Kostman
Nutrition Support for Furnace Creek 508 Competitors by Matt Desert Locust Ruscigno
"A Bird's-Eye View of the 508: Runner-Up, Champ, Crew, and Why/How-To Perspectives" — a compilation of reports by Janet Osprey Christansen (PDF, 23 pages with lots of photos and excellent insights!)
"Guide to the Furnace Creek 508 for Women Less-Than-Brazenly Self-Confident" — A women's guide to successful preparation and completion of the 508 by Janet Osprey Christiansen, 2nd place solo woman in 2003 and the solo woman champion in 2004.
"Preparing for and Racing in the Furnace Creek 508" — Paul Skilbeck tells of his Furnace Creek 508 win in the two-person team category after only two months on a CompuTrainer. His team (Red Kangaroos) won the two-person category outright and set a new course record in the 40+ age group.
"The Red Kangaroo and the CompuTrainer" by Paul Skilbeck
"Emily O'Brien" — This story by Janet Osprey Christiansen tells the tale of 2005 Furnace Creek 508 fixed-gear rider (and RAAM qualifier) Emily Archaeopteryx O'Brien
"The Scoop on How To Do It" by Steve Beaver Born, 1994 solo champ and 1999 runner-up
Furnace Creek, the story..., by Timothy S. Kinkajou Kinkeade, 1997 finisher, and crew member Pat King with many photos
NOTE: If you read only one story about the 508 and how to do it, read this one!
The Insider's Guide to the 508 by Mike Whale Wilson, two time solo and one time team finisher
Hints on Supporting a Cyclist by John Hawk Marino, race founder
Equipment List by Beth Dingo Dawson, two time solo finisher
SET-UP OF VEHICLE LIGHTS AND INTERIOR: Bill Osborn of Team Onager fame has a really great website with a few diagrams and descriptions for creating amber lights, setting up sound systems, and general vehicle information.Everybody should check that out now! (But don't be intimidated if your support vehicle is not that fancy!)

Nutrition and Hydration for Endurance Sports

"The Pre-Race Meal" by Steve Beaver Born
"The Importance of Protein for Endurance Athletes" by Steve Beaver Born
"Hydration: What You Need To Know" by Steve Beaver Born
"The Hammer Nutrition Fuels: What They Are and How to Use Them" by Steve Beaver Born
"Electrolyte Replenishment" by Steve Beaver Born
"The 10 Biggest Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make and How You Can Avoid Them" by Steve Beaver Born
"Proper Caloric Intake During Endurance Events" by Steve Beaver Born
"Superior Recovery" by Steve Beaver Born

The AdventureCORPS Way of Life

The Classic Cyclist, Part One
The Classic Cyclist, Part Two
Any Bike, Anywhere: The Rough Rider's Way of Life
The Seven Pillars of Athletic Performance: Efficiency in Action (2009 version)
The Way of the Outdoor Athlete (2009 version)
Pain and Suffering: A Blueprint for Mastery (2008 version)
Ten Steps on the Endurance Path
The Endurance Path Revisited: Dumb Things Cyclists and other Ultra Athletes Think and Do
In Search of Epic
Planet Ultra: It's Just an Attitude
Fuel for the Finish Line: Eight Lessons to Get You There
A Plea for Eating with a Purpose
A Day in the Life of an Adventure Athlete
A Fitness Warrior's Guide to Daily Life: 70 Things to Do or Know on the Path to Excellence
Super Human Potential: domain of the illuminati or of the common folk?
Pondering Peaceful Warriorship: A Conversation with Dan Millman

Training for Cycling

Training Specificity: Who Needs It?
Century Training for Mere Mortals
Train for a Century in 100 Hours
Bike Set-Up for Century Riding
Endurance Cycling: Five Mistakes to Avoid
Living La Vida Ultra: Five More Steps on the Endurance Path
Training for a Double Century (1988)
Getting Started in Ultra-Marathon Cycling
Coach's Corner: Mixing It Up in the Off-Season
Coach's Corner: Cold and Wet Weather Riding
Coach's Corner: Building Speed and Endurance
Coach's Corner: Improve Time Trialing Technique and Speed
Coach's Corner: Develop Hill Climbing Ability
Coach's Corner: Bike to Run Transition Efficiency
Coach's Corner: Riding in the Heat
Coach's Corner: Improve Pedaling Technique and Efficiency
Riding into the Wind, by Nick Gnu Gerlich

Cycling as Lifestyle

A Warm Welcome to a World on Wheels
Of Dreams and Decisions in the New Year
Ultra Marathon Cycling, Pakistani Style
When Style Was King
Scorching Road and Trail (AKA gears and brakes are a crutch!)
To Live and Race in the Undiscovered Country
Moustaches and Pineapples: Bridgestone's Grant Petersen Speaks Out
Stoked on Tandems
Freds: a Scholarly Treatise

All-Terrain Cycling (some people call it "mountain biking")

Mountain Bikes: Who Needs Them? (Yes! "THAT" article!)
A Rebuttal to Close-Minded Mountain Bikers
Mountain Bikes: We Need 'Em!
Any Bike, Anywhere
Wholistic Cycling: An Off-Road Primer
SCOOP: Darwin Speaks Out on Bicycle Evolution

Indoor Cycling Training Articles

Many More AdventureCORPS Training and Lifestyle Articles