The 308 will not be held in 2015.

May 31 - June 1, 2014

New for 2014, we are pleased to offer a 308-mile ultracycling extravaganza from Santa Clarita to Trona and back to Santa Clarita: an epic race with over 20,000 feet of elevation gain from the Los Angeles basin through the Mojave Desert, and back.

The route is based upon the wildly successful abbreviated route used for the 2013 edition of The 508 which had to be shortened due to the U.S. government shutdown. (Photos and more from that race.)

Race Webcast and Results: Click Here.


There are no prerequisites to enter and there is no selection process; you just enter!

The 308 will be organized almost exactly like The 508, in terms of rules, categories, awards, and format, with a few exceptions:

1) First, support will be entirely leapfrog, including at night; in other words, no direct-follow vehicles ever.

2) An unsupported, randonneur-style category will be offered to soloists. We will provide drop bag service to each of the four time station locations along the route, so that randonneur entrants may access their personal neds along the way, approximately every 35-45 miles. (Rando riders should bring four bags labeled with their totem clearly displayed, along with the intended time station to which each bag should be delivered. Bring these to rider check-in.) Drop bags will be returned to the finish line, but not until quite near the 30-hour cut-off.

Time stations will also provide water and ice to rando riders only, AS WELL AS Hammer Gel, Perpetuem, HEED, and bananas for rando riders only.

The mid-point time station in Trona will provide burritos (chicken or veggie) by Esparza Family Restaurant to ALL entrants and support crews (paid for by The 308 on everyone's behalf). They will be at the time station.

3) Two new time stations will be added to the traditional two stages from Santa Clarita to California and California City to Trona, making for four stages on the outbound, and four stages on the inbound.

4) Finishing The 308 will be one of the top qualifying credentials for rookies applying to enter The 508.

5) See The 308 race rules for more infomation about the format and structure of this event.


This route will leave, and return to, Santa Clarita via the traditional 508 route through the canyons north of Santa Clarita, for a total of 308 miles, which provides a nice symmetry with "The 508." There will be four stages on the outbound portion and four stages on the inbound portion of the race:

Stage 1 from Santa Clarita to Rosamond: 42.45 miles from Mile 0 to Mile 42.45
Stage 2 from Rosamond to California City: 40.14 miles from Mile 42.45 to Mile 82.59
Stage 3 from California City to Johannesburg: 35.58 miles from Mile 82.59 to Mile 118.17
Stage 4 from Johannesburg to Trona: 34.7 miles from Mile 118.17 to Mile 152.87
Stage 5 from Trona to Johannesburg: 34.7 miles from Mile 152.87 to Mile 187.57
Stage 6 from Johannesburg to California City: 35.58 miles from Mile 187.57 to Mile 223.15
Stage 7 from California City to Rosamond: 40.14 miles from Mile 223.15 to Mile 263.29
Stage 8 from Rosamond to Santa Clarita: 42.45 miles from Mile 263.29 to Mile 308

Read all the details about the 308 route, including links to maps and profiles.

Time Limit

The time limit will be 30 Hours for Solo and 27 Hours for Teams. All riders will start at 630am on Saturday.


Entry to The 308 is now open! Click here for more Entry information and the Registration link. Click here for the race roster.

Divisions Offered

As with "The 508," solo, two-person relay, and four-person relay divisions will be offered, with sub-categories for tandem, fixed gear, recumbent, and classic bikes, along with all age group and gender sub-divisions. Click here for the info. Support vehicles will be required, but will NOT directly follow the riders, including at night. We will also offer a special self-supported randonneur category for soloists with no support vehicles, with drop bag delivery to each of the time stations included. For the randonneurs, water, ice, and Hammer Nutrition products will be provided at the time stations.

Race Rules

See The 308 race rules for more infomation about the format and structure of this event.


All solo and team OFFICIAL FINISHERS will receive a finisher’s medal and an official finisher's jersey, pictured below, produced by PACE Sportswear, at the finish line. All entrants will receive a goodie bag, Trona 308 t-shirt, Race Magazine, and more. All racers and crew members will be able to pick up free (paid by us) burritos and tacos at the turn-around location in Trona, made on the spot by Tony and Carlos from Esparza Family Restaurant in Trona.

AdventureCORPS Ultra Cycling Cup

The AdventureCORPS Cycling Cup recognizes those athletes who complete both "The 308" and "The 508" in the same calendar year. This is a form of recognition for those athletes who complete both races in the same year, and also an actual plaque that is awarded each time an athlete breaks the current overall record for either the men's or women's solo divisions. To earn this recognition is a very significant achievement in endurance sports and especially for those athletes who have come to know and love the world-class ultra cycling events hosted by AdventureCORPS.

Start /Finish and Host Hotel

Hyatt Regency Valencia 24500 Town Center Drive (at McBean Pkwy), Valencia, CA 91355, 661-799-1234. Driving instructions from the San Fernando Valley: Proceed north on Interstate 5 for about 20 miles, exit at Magic Mountain Parkway in the Valencia part of Santa Clarita, and go right / east. After about a mile, turn right on McBean Pkwy. The Hyatt is on the right at the intersection with Town Center Drive, but drive beyond that intersection and enter the parking lot on the right, after the hotel. The Hyatt has a block of rooms available at a very special 308/508 rate, so be sure to utilize the special code (revealed to confirmed entrants only) when you make your reservation through their website. All entrants are encouraged to stay at the Hyatt Regency Valencia. Website.

Bike Shop Support and Bike Shipping

We are pleased to announce that Bicycle John’s of Santa Clarita will once again be on hand at the host hotel on Friday to assist with last minute (and basic) bicycle repairs, as well as last minute product needs and purchases. Also, they will have a neutral support van on the course on Saturday morning for the first 25 miles of the race (when your support teams are already up the road, waiting for you). If you want to pre-order anything special or extra for the race, or you need to ship a bike out in advance, then we recommend Bicycle John's for all your 508 needs! Contact them by phone (661)-254-7300 or at 26635 Valley Center Dr., Santa Clarita, CA 91351 Info here.

Schedule of Events

SUNRISE/SUNSET/TWILIGHT: Using Valencia as a reference on May 31, Civil Twilight begins at 5:14AM and Sunrise is at 5:43AM, while Sunset is at 8:01PM and Civil Twilight ends at 8:30PM.

Friday, May 30
4:00pm - 5:45pm.
Friday, May 30
3:00pm - 5:45pm
VEHICLE INSPECTION AT THE HYATT REGENCY VALENCIA (Outdoor Back Parking Lot). Plan on arriving in Santa Clarita with all your vehicle signage and other safety equipment in place and ready to use. All support vehicles must be checked for maximum width, as well as totem signage, CAUTION signage, and comprehensive first aid kits.
Friday, May 30
3:00pm - 5:45pm
BICYCLE INSPECTION AT THE HYATT REGENCY VALENCIAA Plan on showing that all bicycles are safe and race-ready and are equipped, or quickly equipable, with excellent front and rear lights and lots and lots of reflective materials. (Done concurrently with the vehicle inspection in the outdoor back parking lot.)
Friday, May 30
6:00 - 7:00pm
PRE-RACE MEETING AT HYATT REGENCY VALENCIA IN THE GRAND BALLROOM: ALL entrants and ALL crew members are encouraged, and expected, to attend! Solo entrants must be represented by the racer and at least one crew. 2X Team entrants must be represented by at least one racer and one crew, or two racers. 4X Team entrants must be represented by at least two racers and one crew, or 3 racers. ALL crew members and ALL racers are strongly encouraged, and expected, to attend.
Friday, May 30
5:00 - 8:00pm
PASTA FEED AT HYATT REGENCY VALENCIA: In their in-house restaurant, Vines, the Hyatt will be hosting a heavy carb buffet dinner Friday night, from 5:00pm – 8:00pm. Their Executive Chef will be cooking up pasta, served with your choice of two sauces, grilled chicken, caesar salad and garlic bread! $18.00 per person.
Saturday, May 31
BREAKFAST AT HYATT REGENCY VALENCIA: By special arrangement, our host hotel's restaurant, Vines, will be open extra early, at 500am, for business.
Saturday, May 31
START TIME FOR ALL ENTRANTS (SOLO AND TEAM): We will begin the race at the Hyatt Regency Valencia's front door, under the hotel entrance overhang. All riders must be present at the start no later than thirty minutes prior to their start time for pre-race instructions and photos.
Sunday, June 1
TEAM CUT-OFF TIME: Barring any unforeseen serious circumstances, the event is officially over for ALL RELAY TEAM entrants at 9:30AM on Sunday (27 hour time limit).
Sunday, June 1
SOLO CUT-OFF TIME: Barring any unforeseen serious circumstances, the event is officially over for ALL entrants at 12:30PM on Sunday (30 hour time limit).

Click here for more Entry information and the Registration link.