22nd Furnace Creek 508, October 4-6, 1997

Furnace Creek 508 is a non-stop 508 mile bicycle race from Valencia to Twenty Nine Palms via Death Valley and the Mojave Desert. The race course includes 35,000 feet of total elevation gain and temperatures in the 50's at night and 90's during the day. The event also serves as a qualifying event for the Race Across AMerica (RAAM) cycling event.

Special thanks to race sponsors Ranch House Inn of Valencia, Best Western Gardens Motel of Twenty Nine Palms, Hugh Murphy Productions, Cycle Design, Kucharik Bicycle Clothing, Custom Special Tees, and adventureCORPS.

Click here for images from the 1997 race, as well as historical images from previous races.

1997 Official Results

Women's Solo Division (4)

1 Seana Hoopoe Hogan, 38, San Jose, CA 30:03:30 four time finisher
2 Bernadette Hawaiian Owl Franks-Onoy, 38, HI 41:43:56 RAAM Qualifier
Sheherezade Albatross Adams, 24, Oakland, CA DNF gave it her all/time limit
Marie Hornet Handrahan, 45, Mesa, AZ DNF lost her sting/ability to eat

Men's Solo Division (25)

1 Justin Panda Peschka, 22, Chandler, AZ 28:42:02
2 Andrew Blowfish Bohannon, 32, Sunnyvale, CA 32:40:30
3 Harold Toad Trease, 42, Jemez Springs, NM 32:46:46
4 Dwight Shark Bishop, 42, Butte, MT 33:20:46
5 Peter Penguin Pop, 48, Malibu, CA 34:14:21
6 Charlie Lizard Liskey, 41, Somis, CA 36:11:00 RAAM Qualifier
7 Paul Elephant Evans, 45, Asheville, NC 36:49:05 RAAM Qualifier
8 Thomas Mountain Pigmy-Possum Maslen, 35, Menlo Park, CA 36:56:22 RAAM Qualifier
9 Lubomir Heron Hristov, 38, Tustin, CA 38:28:24 RAAM Qualifier
10 Drew Otter Olewnick, 37, Brooklyn, NY 44:26:00 RAAM Qualifier
11 Tim Kinkajou Kinkeade, 32, Moscow, ID 44:49:47
12 Zoran Meerkat Musicki, 43, Upton, NY 45:00:45 RAAM Qualifier
13 Terry Tree Slug Zmrhal, 26, Redmond, WA 45:13:48 RAAM Qualifier
Rick Amoeba Anderson, 44, Woodside, CA DNF stomach
Dana Brittle Star Bradshaw, 34, Tahoe City, CA DNF flu
Dan Horse Dibb, 40, Long Beach, CA DNF lost a shoe
Clayton Grasshopper Gardinier, 45, Sandy, UT DNF stomach
Gary Kudu Kliewer, 43, Ft. Morgan, CO DNF tired
Charlie Mandril Miller, 36, San Francisco, CA DNF back
Aaron Raccoon Rumple, 35, St. Louis, MO DNF stomach
Scott Sawfish Scheff, 23, Sherman Oaks, CA DNF knee
Charles Springbuck Schroyer, 45, Morgan Hill, CA DNF knee problems
Brian Stork Sidwell, 29, Santa Cruz, CA DNF could not deliver
Perry Swan Smith, 47, Costa Mesa, CA DNF beamed up
Scott Snake Smith, 35, St. George, UT DNF

Mens' 50+ Solo Division (6)

1 Reed Flamingo Finfrock, 51, Springville, CA 34:52:34 four time finisher
2 Del Spider Scharffenberg, 52, Portland, OR 42:15:26 97 Death Valley Cup finisher
3 Gale Dodo Dominy, 58, Phoenix, AZ 47:18:50
Charles Gecko Giles, 57, Tucson, AZ DNF dehydration
Ron Sparrow Shepston, 50, Silverado, CA DNF dehydration
Burt Wildebeest Ward, 57, La Habra, CA DNF stomach

Men's Tandem Division (2)

1 Caribou
Mike Moseley, 43, Bakersfield, CA
Bob Smith, 45, Bakersfield, CA
36:45:25 RQ
Rick Heiss, 40, Bakersfield, CA
Tom Davies, 53, Paradise, CA

Men's Team Division (4)

1 Team Klondike
Ken Wiener, Gary Oisha, Victor Gonzalez, Brian Glueck
Pasadena, CA
24:59:30 1st men's, 2nd overall
2 Team Barracuda
Jim Blauer, Jeff Davis, Doug Kipperman, Mick McLeod
Coronado, CA
26:36:42 2nd men's
3 Team Whippet
Jerry Wildermuth, Ron Byrum, Santiago Ramos, Kevin Kester
Whittier, CA
28:42:57 3rd men's
Team Bison
Mike Wracher, Greg Giltner, Kerry Ryan, Mike Marotta
Bakersfield, CA
DNF accident

Mixed Team Division (3)

1 Team Hammerhead
Joe Petersen, Ron Jones, Pam Traynor, Kris Woolsey
Bakersfield, CA
24:13:38 1st mixed and overall
new mixed team record
2 Team Quail
Roehl Caragao, Frank Lobre, Vickie Rigby, Susan Schima
Bakersfield, CA
25:53:24 2nd mixed
3 Team Camel
Maureen Bowman, Terry Hutt, Bob Lugo, Virginia Lugo
Redlands, CA
33:41:32 3rd mixed