Furnace Creek 508

The Twentieth Race But Still Many Firsts

By Chris Kostman

The 20th edition of Furnace Creek 508, held October 21-23, 1995, was the latest in a long line of west coast RAAM qualifiers that have set many records and seen many stunning achievements in sports history and lore. And so it was that the latest incarnation of America's longest running, open to the public, ultra-marathon cycling race continues to set the standard for races, racers, and race promoters alike. Take into consideration the following FIRSTs achieved at this highly competitive and intriguing race:

Furnace Creek 508 Race Results, October 21-23, 1995

1. Seana "Hoopoe" Hogan, San Jose, CA, 36 28:46:34*
2. Marie "Hornet" Handrahan, 43, Mesa, AZ 45:28:08
3. Sheherezade "Albatross" Adams, Oakland, CA, 22 DNF

*Denotes New Course Record!!!

1. David "Koala" Kees, San Jose, CA, 40 29:47:30*
2. Nick "Gnu" Gerlich, Canyon, TX, 36 30:07:40
3. Peter "Penguin" Pop, Malibu, CA, 46 30:24:45, RQ
4. Andrew "Blowfish" Bohannon, Sunnyvale, CA, 23 31:50:30, RQ
5. Adrian "Hog" Harris, Tinton Falls, NJ, 35 33:10:32
6. Trent "Lobster" Lockert, Edmonton, Alb, Canada, 29 33:15:40
7. Dana "Brittle Star" Bradshaw, Tahoe City, CA, 32 33:21:20, RQ
8. Reed "Flamingo" Finfrock, Lindsay, CA, 49 33:22:15
9. Larry "Vicuna" Von Kuster, Bellevue, OH, 46 33:57:41, RQ
10.Rick "Anteater" Adolf, Sunnyvale, CA, 36 34:01:35, RQ
11.Michael "Whale" Wilson, Saratoga, CA, 50 (1st 50+) 34:18:07, RQ
12.Bill "Antelope" Albers, Yucca Valley, CA, 28 35:15:11
13.Willy "Zebra" Zuber, Pfaffikon, Swit, 55 (2nd 50+) 39:15:40
14.Charlie "Waterbuck" Wilson, Santee, CA, 35 39:30:15
15.Kevin "Wolverine" Walsh, Lancaster, CA, 38 39:44:44
16.Charlie "Lizard" Liskey, Somis, CA, 39 40:00:48
17.Paul "Flying Squirrel" Fabish, San Diego, CA, 36 40:31:03
18.Bill "Puma" Peschka, Chandler, AZ, 46 42:02:13
19.William "Bull" Brown, Tucson, AZ, 36 43:25:15
20.Scott "Turtle" Townley, Fullerton, CA, 33 44:30:02
21.Gary "Kudu" Kliewer, Fort Morgan, CO, 41 47:16:57
22.Don "Nightingale" Norwood, Los Gatos, CA, 38 47:52:47

"RQ" = New RAAM Qualifier

Did Not Finish:
Paul "Elephant" Evans, Montebello, VA, 43 DNF
Rick "Amoeba" Anderson, Woodside, CA, 42 DNF
Kurt "Roadrunner" Rieder, Oberwichtrach, Switzerl, 33 DNF
Hugh "Mad Dog" Murphy, Hacienda Heights, CA, 47 DNF
Jeff "Brown Bear" Bell, San Francisco, CA, 36 DNF
Charlie "Mandrill" Miller, San Francisco, CA, 34 DNF
Ron "Sparrow" Shepston, Fountain Valley, CA, 48 DNF
Richard "Nuthatch" Nelson, Loma Linda, CA, 48 DNF
Erik "Newt" Nordenson, Concord, MA, 55 DNF
James "Woodpecker" Watrous, Riverside, CA, 56 DNF
Tom "Dinosaur" Davies, Paradise, CA, 51 DNF
Scott "Sawfish" Scheff, Tucson, AZ, 21 DNF

*Denotes New Course Record!!!

Men's Tandem:
1. Tasmanian Devil Tandem:
Rick Heiss, 38, and Mike Mosley, 41, Bakersfield, CA 31:14:05*
(Mosley qualified for RAAM)

*Denotes New Course Record!!!

Four Women Relay Teams:

1. TS Technical "Bat," AZ and CA 27:31:10*
(Marlee Sondgeroth, Theresa Whalen, Lynette Ross, Beverley Anderson-Abbs)
2. Twin Team "Pony," CA 41:59:48*
(1st 50+ team: Barbara Warren, Angelika Castaneda, Mary Ann Buxton, Cherie Gruenfeld)

*Denotes New Course Record!!!

Four Rider Mixed Relay Teams: (two men, two women)
1. "Porpoise," CA 29:54:40*
(Thomas Fennel, Rosemary Stone, Robert Stone, Teresa Scarborough)

*Denotes New Course Record!!!

Four Man Relay Teams:
1. Action Sports "Buffalo," Bakersfield, CA 21:47:12*
(Kerry Ryan, Dave Wiggins, Tim LaFromboise, Pat Tafoya)
2. Charles Polo "Weasel," Southern Cal 22:17:20
(John Williams, Mike Morrill, Dave McComos, David Isaacs)
3. PacifiCare "Armadillo," San Antonio, TX 22:32:05
(Michael Olstad, Will Klein, Steve Horne, Stuart Green)
4. Bicycling Magazine "Peacock," CA, PA, and CO 23:07:58*
(1st 50+ team: Ed Pavelka, Fred Matheny, Pete Penseyres, Skip Hamilton)
5. SCOR/Whittier Flyers "Whippet," Southern Cal 27:51:00
(Bob McRae, Larry Mahrenholtz, Jerry Wildermuth, Nick Bement)
6. "Jellyfish," Southern Cal DNF
(Brian Stark, Jim Gerpheide, Stan King, Jeff Sale)

*Denotes New Course Record!!!