Loren Godshall Wins April 1991 RAAM Open West and Breaks Course Record

By John Marino

Loren Godshall, age 32, from Los Altos, CA, won the RAAM Open West held April 13th with a new course record of 29 hours, 59 minutes. He broke John Stamstad's record of 30 hours, 33 minutes, which was set last October. Godshall plans on competing in RAAM '91. Finishing second in a time of 33 hours, 1 minute was RAAM veteran Rick Kent, age 34, Houston, TX. Kent will compete in RAAM '91. The third and final RAAM '91 qualifier was Kenneth Bell, age 42, from Roseville, CA with a time of 34 hours, 20 minutes. Bell plans to compete in RAAM '91. Three other riders finished officially. Fourth place was Jim Courtney, age 31, from Chandler, AZ finishing in 38 hours even. Fifth place was Eric Lemoine, age 31, from Gresham, OR, with a time of 41 hours, 25 minutes, and sixth place was Frank Smith, age 46, from Jackson, MS, in a time of 42 hours, 8 minutes.


  1. Loren Godshall, 29:59
  2. Rick Kent, 33:01
  3. Kenneth Bell, 34:20
  4. Jim Courtney, 38:00
  5. Eric Lemoine, 41:25
  6. Frank Smith, 42:08