Hi Chris,

What advice would you give to someone who lives in Florida, is 42 years old and is determined to complete the Furnace Creek 508 in the next few years. I am in great shape, am an avid biker and would love the challenge and the lasting memories!!! However my resume in ultracycling races is lacking. Plenty of long 1 and 2 day rides, just not racing.

Thanks, Jay


An ideal 508 trajectory would include crewing one year and participating on a 4x or 2x team another, then going for solo.

You should find endurance cycling events in your part of the USA to do. Big miles are not necessary for training, but are necessary so you can learn how to fuel properly and discover what kind of issues will pop up for you as the miles increase. I would recommend a full Brevet Series of 200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km, for example. Also, a 24 hour race or two. You can find all of those in your part of the country. Ideally, you'd also travel to a mountainous part of the country to do some ascents of 5 to 15 miles in length, so that you learn what that feels like, especially with 200 to 300 miles in your legs.

I have published a lot of training and cycling lifestyle articles which you should study.

Some excellent event calendars include:

Randonneurs USA

Ultra Cycling

Western States Ride Calendar

I also suggest that you join RUSA (link above), subscribe to the free email newsletter from RoadBikeRider.com, and also subscribe to Bicycle Quarterly Magazine.

You definitely need to get a copy of "The Endurance Athlete's Guide to Success" by Steve Born, which is published by Hammer Nutrition. You should study it carefully and also use their fueling and supplement products religiously. (That will also earn you a subscription to their fine magazine, Endurance News.)

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Best wishes on your 508 journey! I look forward to meeting you, and awarding you a Furnace Creek 508 Official Finisher Jersey!

Yours in sport,

Chris Kostman, Chief Adventure Officer and Race Director

AdventureCORPS, Inc.

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