David A. Jones, Canoga Park, CA

Furnace Creek 508 Hall of Fame
Class of 2009

Totem Year Age Category Status Finish Time
Donkey 2003 57 Solo FIN 38:50:42
Donkey 2004 58 Solo FIN 42:21:00
Donkey 2006 60 Solo FIN 37:14:38
Donkey 2007 61 Solo FIN 35:48:53
Donkey 2008 62 Solo FIN 35:46:20

I am truly honored and humbled to join such an awesome group of cyclists of the most storied event in ultracycling. The 508 inspired me, tested me, and lead me on to accomplishments and self discovery I will cherish for the rest of my life. My favorite memory of the race comes from 2004, my second finish, which saw 30-40 mph gusty head winds through the length of Death Valley. I needed all the stubbornness of my Donkey totem to get through that sand blasted night. It brought my slowest time and fondest memory. Special thanks to my crew chief and sister Candyce for her steadfast support and to my wife Linda for putting up with all the absent weekends and picking me up when I crashed.