'Twas the Night Before The 508

By Ellen Kirk

'Twas the night before the 508 with everything packed
Supplies were all organized and stowed in the back.
All vans were inspected and fueled to the top
So once the race started no crew would need stop.

The Fire Dragon lay sleeping, you could just hear the snore
Well-fed and well-rested and ready to roar.
Nearby, an odd creature, the PushMePullYou
Had trained and now waited to see what it could do.

When out in the parking lot dust started to fly
The racers jumped up to see what they could spy.
They raced down the hall trying not to be scared
They'd remembered to dress so no backsides were bared.

The moon wasn't full but it still gave a glow
Illuminating Psycho Kitties watching the show
When all of a sudden they noticed a chill
Causing riders and crew to, in unison, still.

A spirit appeared, so cldar it took form
Even 508 vets knew this wasn't the norm
Then came a faint voice, "I yam what I yam,
With all of this fuss you'd think they were at RAAM."

Coach Bobby Carter, more conscientious than most
Was sending his energy from the East Coast!
He wanted to check that his charges were ready
That once the race started they would roll smooth and steady.

He said, "Amy, relax, you're so ready to rock
With your lungs, heart and legs, success is a lock.
And Lan," he observed, "you're a wonderful climber
Let heart rate, not speed, be your guide and your timer."

To Todd he said, "yes, I do know it's a race
But success is best found if you measure your pace.
Now Ellen is just The Obedient One
So follow the plan and you'll get 'er done.

For Janet, the Osprey, this distance is short
But you'll fly through the desert cuz you OWN this sport.
I'm sure the Psycho Kitty queen Patti Jo
Even though she is wounded will fleetingly go."

Thorough as ever, Coach Bobby went on
Speaking more wisdom before he was gone.
"Support crews, you're awesome, you keep your teams safe
Food, water and balm if their shorts start to chafe.

I won't be there in person to give you a tow
But safe in your hearts are my words that you know.
You're trained and you're ready, tomorrow's your date
Ride well. Ride strong. Have a great 508!"