FC508: What I've Learned

By Brenda Smith, crew chief for Barclay Beetle Brown

Barclay had a spectacular race with a very respectable finish in this year's Furnace Creek 508, despite some unbelievable obstacles. Racing in his fully faired Lightning F-40 recumbent bike, the Beetle was vying for a top position with the race leaders through the first half of the race. We have reason to believe he would have finished at the top, too... had it not been for a fiery high-speed blow-out on the downside of Townes Pass into Stovepipe Wells, the steepest descent of the course.

My crew partner, Barclay's girlfriend Jessica, is a gorgeous, bright, enthusiastic athlete (top level volleyball player) who is a really good sport about living in a smelly van for two days. Barclay insisted we had the qualifications to do this: namely, we have drivers licenses and know how to make tuna sandwiches. Barclay will share his views on the race, but from the crew perspective, here are my lessons from FC508 2000:

I've learned: