Registration for The 308 is open now!

Entry is now open for The 308! There will be a field limit of app. 150 racers (app. 50 soloists and 50 relay teams).

To register, there are several things you need to know:

1) Be sure you have all your information ready before you fill out the application. In fact, after you review the registration page to see what information you will need to input, CLOSE your browser, then re-open it, prepare your answers in a Word doc, text file, or email, AND THEN go to the BikeReg site and quickly input your information. If you take too long with the BikeReg page open, the site will not work! Please note that relay team entries must be submitted altogether, so one rider must have all the info for all the riders ready to input.

3) All 508 and Badwater veterans have an AdventureCORPS ID# and you will need that number when you register. Please find and input your official AdventureCORPS ID #, which you can find by searching for your name here. If you are not a 508 or Badwater veteran and thus do no thave an AdventureCORPS ID#, just input 0.

3) PAYMENT: You may pay the entry fee through the BikeReg site when you enter, but the site will assess about a 5% surcharge at that time. If you would like to avoid that surcharge, you may input the Coupon Code PAYBYCHECK and that will waive your entire entry fee. But then you must submit your check within ten days. Don't make us chase down your payment! (If you need more time to pay, we can make arrangements. Just ask. But otherwise, please send your check within ten days.) Your entry is not confirmed until payment is received.

Please study this entire page carefully.

Entry fees are non-transferable, but are 50% refundable until April 1.

Entry fees are:

  • Solo: $295 ($395 after March 15)
  • Solo Randonneur: $295 ($395 after March 15)
  • Tandem: $595 ($695 after March 15)
  • 2X Team: $595 ($695 after March 15)
  • 4X Team or Two Tandem Team: $995 ($1195 after March 15)

Team and Tandem Entries: Please note that we need complete application information for every rider, so be prepared to submit a complete application for each rider simultaneously (that means one person will submit all the info on behalf of all riders).

What's Included:

308 hat, 308 t-shirt, tote bag, and race program; pre-race meeting; live webcast with photos, Twitter, Instagram, and time splits; all webcast images availalbe at no charge; four time station locations with timing staff; roving race officials on course; neutral mechanical race support on Friday plus Saturday morning; for Official Finishers only: an Official Finisher's Medal and custom Jersey by PACE Sportswear.

Also provided for randonneur division riders at each time station: Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem, HEED, and Hammer Gel, ice, water, and more; drop bag delivery of personal items to each time station.

Totems: We use animal totems rather than numbers to identify racers in The 308 and The 508. Each racer may request, or will receive, an animal totem as part of the application process. Returning racers will have the same totems as before. New riders may request a specific animal totem when they submit their entry form, however only Chris Kostman can officially assign animal totems, following a special ritual ablution and spiritual practice. Totems, whether nickname, mascot, alter ego, second identity, or spirit guide, are permanent and non-transferable. For more info on totems and which totems are already taken, click here.


All 2014 308 official finishers will be awarded a FREE jersey at the finish line, so 2014 entrants should be sure to specify their correct size on their 2014 application. The design of the jersey is below, as well as the matching vest and jacket which will be available for sale at the event (reserve them in advance via email to be sure we'll have what you want!)

Note: As of 2013, we use PACE Sportswear "Euro Race Cut" jerseys, proudly made in Orange County, CA by long-time friends of ours. (PACE produced the jerseys for this race in its early years and was one of the very first companies to sponsor ultra cycling and ultra cyclists. We are excited and pleased to be working with them again, and to be awarding jerseys Made Locally and Made In The USA to all Furnace Creek 508 finishers.) Please review the CHEST measurement on the following Size Chart to confirm your size. These jersys fit similarly to Hincapie as we used for many years before 2012. Be sure to request the appropriate size (check the CHEST measurement only), as that size is what you will receive if you finish! (Note that the 2012 PACE jerseys had a looser fit than they have in 2013, 2014, and beyond. The 2013 and 2014 jerseys fit much more like Hincapie Race Cut.)

Click here for entry page.