AdventureCORPS Presents the 2007 Furnace Creek 508
The 2007 Furnace Creek 508 was proudly dedicated to CINDI STAIGER in recognition of her 20 years of selfless devotion to The 508 and to the sport of ultracycling (and butt-kicking on the bike). Here is a thumbnail of Cindi's 508 history:

April 1989: Crew for Rick Kent
Oct 1089: Race Official
April 1989: Race Official
Oct 1989: Race Official
April 1991: Race Official
Oct 1991: Race Official
Oct 1992: Race Official
Oct 1993: Race Official
Oct 1994: Crew for James Duck DeCaro
Oct 1995: Race Official
Oct 1996: Raced Solo Tandem PitSnake (32:28:12)
Oct 1997: Crew for Seana Hoopoe Hogan
Oct 1998: Rieks Kingsnake Koning
Oct 1999: Crew for 4x Bison
Oct 2000: Raced Solo Tandem Tanzilla (35:41:00)
Oct 2001: Race Official
Oct 2002: Crew for Mark Panther Patten
Oct 2003: Crew for 4x Bison
Oct 2004: Race Official
Oct 2005: Race Official
Oct 2006: Race Official
Oct 2007: Race Official; Race Dedicatee
Oct 2008: Race Official
Oct 2009: Race Official
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Above: Cindi receives her race dedication plaque in 2007 from Chris Kostman

Above two photos: Cindi with tandem partner Mike Moseley at the 2000 508.

Above: The Pitsnake mixed tandem of Mark Panther Patten and Cindi Staiger, en route to a new mixed
tandem course record of 32:28:12 in 1996.