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2003 Furnace Creek 508 Race Dedication:
Dennnis Brown

In recognition of his eighteen years of service to the sport of ultramarathon cycling and to Furnace Creek 508 in particular, the 2003 Furnace Creek 508 is proudly dedicated to Dennis Brown. All 508 veterans will know him as the friendly face who always officiates the Shoshone Time Station, then serves as broom wagon after all the 508 racers pass through Shoshone.

Dennis Brown’s Ultramarathon Cycling Biography

August 1984- Watched Pete Penseyers win 1984 RAAM on ABC Wide World of Sports, then toold his wife that he would be interested in trying something like that, so he bought a new Raleigh for Christmas 1984 and started with 15 minute rides. 

February 1985 - Rode and finished the 183 mile San Diego to Yuma Road Race.

April 85 - Read John Marino's ad in Bicycling Magazine about the John Marino Open Bicycle Race, then officiated at the JMO in May 1985 (this is the predecessor to the 508). Drove his 1980 Vanagon 3.5 times around the 102 mile course before resting, then he ate Momma Marino's spaghetti. Rode from Hemet back to finish on last half lap, following Jim Penseyres for one mile.

Was a race official at every John Marino Open, both Spring and Fall editions from April 1986 to October 1990 (when it became "Furnace Creek 508").

Officiated RAAM 1990 with his 12 year old and 17 year old sons all the way to the Savannah, GA finish line,

In 1991 Dennis officiated RAAM to Savannah as the broom wagon most of the race, arriving with his wife and two sons, with Danny Chew at the finish.

Dennis competed in the October 1991 Furnace Creek 508, stopping at tbe summit of Townes Pass at 217 miles, worn out and with double vision. 

Officiated RAAM in 1994 and 1995, along with part of Team RAAM in 1996.

Rode the San Diego to Yuma Road Race again in 1995 with his 17 year old son as the stoker on his Cannondale tandem, becoming the only father and minor to every complete race.

In 1997 Dennis and his daughter Michelle officiated RAAM to the far side of St. George, Utah.

Has officiated Furnace Creek 508 EVERY YEAR except October 1991 when he raced and October 1993 when his van was in the shop and he couldn’t make it (because of hitting a deer on the way home from RAAM in August).