October 10-12, 1998 Furnace Creek 508 Results

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Mens Tandem:
1) Wolves: Dr. Wolfgang Earhart and Dr. Franz Kasserer, Austria 29:58:18
(New men's tandem course record. 1st place overall and new men's tandem record. 1st time this event has been won overall by a tandem. Wolfgang is a lawyer and the four time winner of the French Triple Ironman. Franz is an M.D. and is the winner of Race Across Europe and a two time Team RAAM finisher.)

Mixed Tandem:
1) Asses: Sean and Antoinette Addison, Menlo Park, CA 38:44:47
(John Hamster Hughes is their crewchief.)

1) Riley Quadzilla McAlpine, 29, Santa Monica, CA 38:53:50
(Riley is an artist, indoor cycling ("spinning") instructor, and the soft goods manager for the Helen's Cycles chain of bike shops. The 508 is this life-long athlete's first bike race. Scott Sawfish Scheff is her crewchief.)
2) Nancy Devil Ray Dankenbring, 24, Pasadena, CA 41:56:45
(Nancy is a first year professional triathlete who passed up this year's Ironman to race the 508. She's also a concert cellist and works at Pro-Bikes of Arcadia. The Real Rex Reese is her crewchief.)

50+ Women:
1) Anne Snail Darter Schneider, 50, Davis, CA 42:31:45
(First 50+ finisher and new 50+ women's course record holder. Ann has now finished team and solo. Lee Maggot Mitchell is her crewchief.)

1) Dr. Dan Mountaingoat McGehee, 36, Mesa, AZ 30:55:50 ("Do you have any medical personnel?" asked Dan, who weighs 210 pounds, as he arrived in 29 Palms. He was coughing up blood and throwing up and eventually went to the hospital in Joshua Tree where he discovered that he has pneumonia! He is an optometrist, father of two, and two time Hawaii Ironman finisher. Dan was not already previously RAAM-qualified, so the 25% qualification window begins with his finishing time and extends until a completion time of 38 hours, 40 minutes to qualify for RAAM 99.)
2) Tracy Tigger Colwell, 30, Redwood City, CA 31:33:34
(Jeff Brown Bear Bell is his crewchief.)
3) Noriyuki Macaw Miyamoto, 27, Nagoya, Japan 31:38:01
(Kaname Sea Lion Sakurai is his crew chief.)
4) Joern Greyhound Gersbeck, 29, Schwabach, Germany 33:33:20
5) Michael Lion Lau, 37, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 33:47:02
6) Lubomir Heron Hristov, 39, Tustin, CA 33:54:10
7) Rieks Kingsnake Koning, Nijverdal, Netherlands 34:35:04
(Cindi Staiger is his crewchief.)
8) Peter Penguin Pop, 49, Malibu, CA 35:30:55
9) Mark Panther Patten, 38, San Jose, CA 37:01:15
10) Jonathan Abalone Arnow, 42, Reno, NV 37:30:00
(Mike Whale Wilson is his crewchief.)
11) Keith Kodiak Bear Krombel, 44, Alexandra, VA 38:03:30
12) Pete Brahma Bull-et Bajema, 35, Bellingham, WA 40:29:46
(Tom Dinosaur Davies and Tim Kinkajou Kinkeade are his crewchiefs.)
13) Matt Aardvark Adams, 31, Los Angeles, CA 42:13:20
14) Steve Scorpion Winfrey, 44, Camarillo, CA 42:48:25
15) Jeff Bubba Shrimp Stephens, 37, Berkley, MI 43:01:25
(His super crew is Steve Beaver Born, Charlie Lizard Liskey, and Terry Tree Slug Zmrhal.)
16) Mike Algae Aberg, 33, Palo Alto, CA 45:27:28
17) Perry Swan Smith, 48, Costa Mesa, CA 46:14:19
18) Greg Polecat Page, 35, Downey, CA 47:13:45

50+ Men:
1) John Warthog Williams, 50, San Clemente, CA 37:55:00

Mens Tandem Relay Teams:
1) Action Sports Centipede, Bakersfield mens tandem team 23:20:00
(Roehl Caragao, Scott Garrison, Ron Jones, Mike Moseley, Hank Pfister,
Curt Pierce, Scott Rosenlieb, Bob Smith)

Mens Relay Teams:
1) Action Sports Bison, Bakersfield mens team 24:17:40
(Kerry Ryan, Pat Tafoya, Greg Giltner, Mike Marotta)
2) Barracuda, Coronado/Germany mens team 26:34:00
(Jeff Davis, Jim Blauer, Doug Kipperman, Uwe Koll)

Mixed Relay Teams:
1) Ocelot, Ojai/Redondo Beach mixed team 27:05:37
(Bill Palmer, Bob Coble, Emmy Klassen, Dana Prieto Tanaka. Les Dragon Drake and Marlee Bat/Tarantula Sondgeroth were their crewchiefs.)

Men's 50+ Relay Teams:
1) Whippet, Long Beach 50+ mens team 31:53:10
(Jewett Pattee, Ron Byrum, Ron Way, Katherine O. Kearney ("People ask me why I do RAAM and I tell them it's to get in shape for the 508!" says Jewett, age 75.)

Did Not Finish (16 + 1 tandem):
Men's Tandem OrCa: Joe Petersen and George Thomas (mechanical problems)
Andries Bushbuck Botha, 46, Grimshaw, Alberta, Canada (tired)
Tina Caterpillar Chapa, 39, Bakersfield, CA (blown knee)
Bernie Cow Comeau, 35, Clinton, NY (fatigue/dehydration)
Kevin Griffin Griffin, 44, San Carlos, CA (flying too close to the ground)
Bob Harrier Harting, 50, Cardiff, CA (not recovered from previous viral infection)
Gary Kudu Kliewer, 44, Ft. Morgan, CO (stomach; exhaustion)
Rich Skeeter Kondzielaski, 44, Fishkill, NY (respiratory problems)
Alexander Locust Lehman, 24, New York, NY (exhaustion)
Cassandra Llama Lowe, 34, Chatswood, Australia (stomach)
Arvid Leopard Lowen, 41, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (exhaustion)
Tim Manatee Morrison, 27, Dunkirk, NY (reality check)
Stuart Nanosaurus Nibbelin, 46, Frisco, TX (out of time)
Charles Rattlesnake Rowell, 33, Rohnert Park, CA (feet/blisters)
Charles Springbuck Schroyer, 46, Morgan Hill, CA (exhaustion)
Michael Wallaby Weldy, 39, Scottsdale, AZ (respiratory problems)
Lulu Wildcat Weschler, 50, Colts Neck, NJ (stomach)

The race began on October 10 at 7am for solo and 12noon for teams. There are 44 solo riders and 24 team riders.

In proud recognition of his innumerable contributions to the sport and to this event, the 1998 Furnace Creek 508 is dedicated to Lee Maggot Mitchell. Lee has crewchiefed at eleven 508s and also is a Team RAAM 60+ finisher. Click here for more info about Race Dedication.

Special thanks to the 1998 Furnace Creek 508 Race Staff:
Chuck Gecko Giles and Kathy Sabertooth Tiger Simko
Dennis Brown
Marie Hornet Handrahan and Jaime Gale
Dave and Steve Reese
Glen Tebo
Dave and Margaret Nelson
Pat Eaglet Enright and Seana Hoopoe Hogan and Alex
Chris Kostman with Len Bertain and Linzi
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